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When Hype Dies! Virgil Abloh In 2020

 Have you ever bought something and immediately felt ripped off? Well, I have, and that rip-off resulted in a pair of yellow Off-White sneakers. Were they cool — yes, comfortable — yes, were they worth $400? NO!! Within two weeks the shoes fell apart, annoyed me, and put me in a mood bad enough to vent about Virgil Abloh and his “hyped” up kicks.  All things hype and streetwear have dominated the fashion arena for years now. We craved for Balenciaga Triple S sneakers, Gucci hoodies and anything Vetements. However, in the post-pandemic world of 2020, we see a shift in fashion, style and perceived value where we demand quality and timelessness. Above all, we want brands that embody our...

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Wear White After Labour Day

  Wearing white after labour day is not a crime, it’s just how you put it all together.  Monochromatic looks are always so hot, so why would an all-white (ok, maybe cream in the mix)) look not work.  Here is how you do it with a simple wear vs. pack away till spring pile  WEAR A white wool coat or blazer White or cream pants (no cotton) A crisp white shirt White booties White chunky knits A small white bag with some structure or chains  PACK AWAY White camis & tanks White shorts and cotton pants White maxi dresses White sandals White sunglasses  When dressing for fall, texture is your best friend. Pair a thick wool coat with a cotton...

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Welcome To The #CTCULT

The #CTcult is where we thrive in a discussion about brands we love and designers we love or loathe. We chat about things that affect our day-to-day life. Sometimes it may be mundane stuff like laundry tips that would make mom proud. Other times, we’ll rant about the things that annoy us.    

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