Welcome To The #CTCULT

 For most of the past decade, perhaps even longer, I lived, worked, and dreamed of fashion. From a young age I was such a visual guy. A gorgeous dress, a bouquet of flowers, a standout book cover, anything I perceived as beautiful, I wanted. What always did it for me though were the clothes, however being 14 years old, designer clothes were not exactly within reach, but I was determined to get what I wanted.  Sample sales, vintage shops and consignment stores became my go to places to hunt for what I most coveted. This thrill of the find made me jump into the consignment business because I wanted to create this same possibility for even more people to have those special things we lust after. The plan was simple. Good prices, great service and make people feel special and comfortable because that is the feeling of luxury. 

Clothing and a love of beautiful things connects us in the best way possible where a little sweater may be the ice breaker to start a meaningful conversation with a stranger. We are all trying to fit in, to stand out boldly, and we dress to create a persona that we want to project to the world. The old saying, “the clothes make the person” in many ways reflects reality. We put on a suit for a new job interview, we wear a beautiful dress for a first date, and we ultimately dress for the moment we see in our imaginations. 
Yes, there are bigger things to talk about than shoes and pretty dresses. There are certainly more important things affecting our day-to-day life. Here, though, we talk about things that shine and sparkle and give us a chance to escape the reality of our daily life.  We're not here to be political or engage in heated debates. We have no intentions of being the Diet Prada that we see here in 2020. 
CT-cult is where we thrive in a discussion about brands we love and designers we love or loathe. We chat about things that affect our day-to-day life. Sometimes it may be mundane stuff like laundry tips that would make mom proud. Other times, we’ll rant about the things that annoy us. But, the one thing I can promise is to share a career’s worth of fashion insight.
It may just be a “pile of stuff” (yes, that’s a Devil Wears Prada reference), but we’ve created a business out of it, and have met many incredible people along the way.  Clearly, there is value to this big “pile of stuff.”
Written by: Dag Larsen