We are as accurate as can be with our descriptions of our items. Our photos are very lightly edited just to eliminate any yellow undertones from the photos. Actual parts of the product are not edited, brightened or cleaned up. It doesn't make for the most beautiful photos however it does ensure that we are super accurate. So when you click and buy you see exactly what you are buying. Our descriptions in postings will always state any visible flaws that we see. 

Each individual item is researched to ensure authenticity. If for any reason you receive a package and are not over the moon about your purchase you can contact us at our store Monday to Friday from 11-7 and speak to someone in our consignment office at 647-341-1884 . If justified we will accept an in store return for store credit. We will not issue a refund or a return. Store credit will never expire. We only offer this in the case of incorrect sizing,  shoe sizing different than listed, a bag being smaller than anticipated and we did not list the dimension of the bag)