Pony Hair & Suede Jacket M
Pony Hair & Suede Jacket M
Pony Hair & Suede Jacket M
Pony Hair & Suede Jacket M

Pony Hair & Suede Jacket M

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 Pony hair and suede coat by Domenic Bellissimo. Thin weight coat, not meant for deep winter. However, this is the ideal weight to wear as a blazer for the winter.


What size is it? Medium 

Total length? 21 inches

Bust measurement? 19 inches 

Sleeve measurement? 26 inches

What is it made of? pony hair and suede 

What is the original price? $750+

What is the condition? Excellent. 9/10 


How we SIZE our stuff?  We measure all pieces flat. To see if a piece will fit you take something you wear in your closet, lay it flat and measure.

Bust Measurement- under arm to under arm (do not stretch fabric) 

Total Length- measure from shoulder to the bottom hem of shirt 

Sleeve Length- Measure shoulder seam to the cuff of shirt 

Waist Measurement- measured flat. On dress this is at natural waist, on skirts and pants we measure the waist band 


Are items authentic? They sure are. We research each piece at the time of consignment and do a secondary review when posting items online. 

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